What is Honors?

The Honors Curriculum

What courses do I take for Honors?


Students from all majors and departments are welcome to join the University Honors College. Honors students take courses in academic writing, critical thinking, and research skills, and are encouraged to find internships and research opportunities and to study abroad. The overarching goal of the Honors curriculum is to transform students from consumers of information to producers of knowledge, with the thesis as the culminating achievement. The Honors thesis is a substantial research or creative project and represents a valuable opportunity for Honors students to work closely with a faculty advisor from their major department in exploring a topic of great interest. 

How does Honors work with my degree, major, and graduation requirements?

Most universities require some form of general education as part of the requirements for an undergraduate degree. At PSU, general education is fulfilled by the completion of the requirements for either the University Honors College (HON) or University Studies (UNST), both of which are 4-year programs. Completing Honors thus does not add additional time or credits to the PSU degree, and does not change the required courses for any major. Since Honors courses also satisfy many degree (BA/BS) requirements, both writing requirements, and can simultaneously fulfill major requirements, it is an expedited path to graduation for many. Students should plan on taking one Honors course per quarter, with Honors faculty and fellow Honors students; all other courses for the major or electives are taken with all PSU students.