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Meet Tiffany Morrison
Meet Tiffany Morrison

Tiffany Morrison came to the Honors Program from Springfield, Oregon to pursue a path that would lead her to medical school. During the summer of her junior year she completed an internship at the National Institutes of Health. About her experience there she writes,

"Given my complete inexperience with anything other than participating in class labs, my goal while being there was to gain lab experience and become comfortable working with selected equipment. After about a week of watching, I was allowed to begin conducting my own experiments. At first my main duties were to isolate RNA and convert it to cDNA using reverse transcriptase, then use the Real Time PCR machine to check for SOCS3 gene expression in different conditions. This experiment was successful though it only showed a 3-fold increase, which was considered a fairly small increase but still demonstrated I could successfully complete the experiment. My next experiment was to genotype mice and check for certain genes to see if they were present. 

Not only was I spending quality time in the lab, but I also was given the opportunities to see novel techniques, theories and ideas be introduced. This overall experience was one I will not soon forget  and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. I spent every day I was there treating it as a chance of a lifetime and because it truly was."