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Meet Supichaya Sunthronjittanon
Meet Supichaya Sunthronjittanon

Sophomore Supichaya Sunthornjittanon is a 4.0 President’s Scholar from Bangkok, Thailand, majoring in Mathematics and interested in pursuing a masters of International Management at PSU.

Supichaya's Story

“I’m from Thailand. My name is Supichaya, but here people call me Brittany. It’s hard for people to pronounce my name, so I came up with an American name. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to go into Honors, because I didn’t feel very confident about my English. But it has been really, really good. Honors is a small community that helps each other. When you see other people study, you go study together. And the professors are always so helpful. I just went on a trip to Vietnam with the Honors program. I think that was the best trip I’ve ever had. We went to a university in Bihn Duong to talk with students, and we did a project together. They’re building a city around their University, similar to PSU. I’m from Bangkok, a big city with a lot of pollution. Portland is very different. Here, there’s a lot of green spaces and green infrastructure. There are so many interesting ways to save resources. Even the gym at PSU uses reclaimed rainwater. I want to learn from here, and bring it back to Thailand.”