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Meet Lindsey DeCampos-Stairiker
Meet Lindsey DeCampos-Stairiker

While double majoring in Science and Spanish and studying in the Honors Program, Lindsey participated in many volunteer opportunities to improve her understanding of various aspects of physical therapy, her desired career path. She worked with OHSU in both the in-patient and out-patient physical therapy departments, Shriner's Hospital for Children, and Forward Stride, a therapeutic equestrian riding program.

"Traveling is one of my favorite activities and often I find my travels have unforeseen benefits to my academic pursuits," Lindsey writes. In 2010, she spent 10 days observing, volunteering, and assisting at various physical therapy clinics in northern Florida. Lindsey says of her hands-on time in Florida, "One of my most valued experiences was at the Andrews Institute, where I was able to observe with practicing physical therapists."

Her other scholarly travels include a three-week trip to Guatemala City, where she refined her spoken Spanish language skills at the Universidad Rafael Landivar. There, she attended classes with first- and second-year medical students and observed in the physical therapy department at a military hospital.

"The differences in physical therapy practice that I have noticed between the United States and Guatemala as well as within regions of the United States have been of great interest to me and was part of the inspiration for my thesis, which focuses on the profession of physical therapy."