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Meet Jade Luiz
Meet Jade Luiz

“I have found my experience in the honors program to be one of the most valuable to my academic career at Portland State that I have had. Through the constructive comments of the program’s faculty members that I have worked with, I feel that I have greatly improved as a scholar. Their curriculum and teaching methods allowed me to experiment for myself what works and what does not in academic writing. This has been incredibly helpful to my academic development without constricting my personal thought or style of prose.

Likewise, the interactions that I have had with other students in the program have also greatly assisted me. With a spirit of camaraderie rather than competition, the sharing of ideas in and outside of class has been as beneficial to me in many ways as the classes themselves.

The privilege I had to intern at the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives was a great honor and an incredible experience. Not only was I able to have the opportunity to learn archival and museum research first hand, but I formed acquaintances and friendships with researchers, contractors, and anthropologists from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. I feel as though the experiences that I have had through the honors college have given me more confidence in my preparedness to undertake the rigorous expectations of graduate school.”