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Meet Dale Herr
Meet Dale Herr

Freshman Dale Herr is an Environmental Science Major from San Francisco, California, and one of four Honors Sustainability Scholars, awarded for her interest in sustainable practices and policy.

Dale's Story

“I’m from San Francisco. I was going to go to San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly. I really didn’t decide Iwanted to come to PSU until I visited and saw the campus. I loved it. It’s right in the middle of downtown and it’s not like you’re out in the middle of nowhere in some college town. I applied to Honors, then I got a Sustainability Scholarship, which is why I was able to come here. You get to have a better relationship with the professors in Honors because it’s a smaller group. And I like how Honors integrates the real world into everything you’re studying. Everything relates back to Portland. This term we got do some GIS, Geographic Information Systems. We did a soil lab where we mapped the soil samples and land cover type. My aunt is a marine biologist in Florida. When I knew I was going to PSU and hadn’t declared my major in Environmental Science yet, I went out and did a mini internship at her company. They thought environmental law was what I should go into. I’m definitely interested in that. I just don’t know yet exactly what I want to do. But Honors provides a lot of resources. I get emails from professors all the time about internships, so there’s a lot of opportunity to learn.”