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Genesis Wind
Genesis Wind

Genesis Wind, Inc., a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence develops and manufactures wind turbines with innovative new designs that overcome many of the challenges inherent in modern horizontal-axis wind turbines. It is Genesis Wind’s mission to provide customers who want to install wind turbines on their property the most reliable, efficient and affordable wind turbines available on the market and commercial wind farm owners the best option to repower their old wind turbines.

Genesis Wind manufactures lighter, smaller, more efficient and reliable wind turbines that are easy to install and require less maintenance over time while yielding a higher energy return. In the future Genesis Wind will offer power inverters to customers along with turbines that can be installed on the roofs of buildings without damaging the building’s structure.

While wind power currently supplies only 4.1 percent of electric power in the United States, with innovation such as those offered by Genesis Wind, the future of sustainable, renewable wind energy may make up a much larger share of our energy supply.

As a company-in-residence at the Portland State University Business Accelerator, Genesis wind has worked with undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Business Administration at PSU.