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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, O.M.S.I , Evaluation Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, O.M.S.I , Evaluation
Community Environmental Services was hired as an external evaluator to access the impacts on the professional and public audiences targeted through the Sustainability.
Community Partnership
Metro Regional Government Metro Regional Government
Community Environmental Services has worked with the Metro Regional Government, on and off over the last 15 years. Some of the work includes outreach and food rescue support.
Community Partnership
New Seasons Market, Materials Assessment New Seasons Market, Materials Assessment
In September 2012, New Seasons Market contacted Community Environmental Services with the request to conduct a comprehensive solid waste and materials management analysis, including waste sorts, to be conducted on one day‟s worth of landfill-bound waste, commingled recycling, and compost-bound food and fibers for each of four store locations; in addition to site visits to measure additional materials being recovered.
The Port of Portland The Port of Portland
Since 2003, CES has provided ongoing operational support for waste management programs for the Port of Portland.
Single Family Can Weight Study Single Family Can Weight Study
CES coordinates the Single-Family Weight Study for the City of Portland.
Portland Multifamily Recycling Project Portland Multifamily Recycling Project
This partnership helps support multifamily tenants and managers with recycling signage, educational outreach and infrastructure, in an effort in increase knowledge and participation of recycling in multifamily complexes.
Portland Event Recycling Project Portland Event Recycling Project
For a number of years, CES has managed the City of Portland’s Event Recycling Program (PER), which works to decrease landfill-bound waste from nearly 200 community events annually.
Wasted Food Measurement Study Wasted Food Measurement Study
PSU's Community Environmental Services partners with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to tackle wasted food