Shrouded: Indicators of Holy War in SE Asia
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 6:00pm
Shrouded: Indicators of Holy War in SE Asia

The PSU Institute for Asian Studies presents

Dr. Shane Barter, Soka University

Shrouded:  Indicators of Holy War in SE Asia

Wednesday, January 16, 2013, @ 6:00pm

PSU Smith Memorial Student Union, room 298 (1825 SW Broadway)

Which “Holy Wars” are more religious than others? Dr. Barter’s presentation draws on data from the Muslim areas of Aceh (Indonesia), Patani (Thailand), and Mindanao (Philippines) which experience frequent conflict.  Critical of studies of 'Holy War', this project seeks to provide some potential empirical indicators to help determine which wars are more religious, and which are less so. Using an anthropological lens, the research examines the backgrounds of rebel leaders, rebel recruitment patterns, how fallen rebels are handled, what prayers are said, and the sweetness of the tea served at funerals. Such data shows that while there is no such thing as a Holy or secular conflict, there are shades of grey, and a need for micro-level empirical indicators of religiosity.

Dr. Shane Barter is the Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at Soka University.  His research focuses on the people and politics of Aceh, Indonesia.  In particular, Barter's research interests are civilian strategy in armed conflict, and evolution and behavior or anti-rebel militia groups, and rural Islamic leaders and perceptions of insurgency.

FREE and open to the public.

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