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“I regard helping PSU to elevate its honors program to University Honors College status as one of the most significant things the Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust has done in the 27 years I have served as a trustee.”

--Milo Ormseth, Trustee for the Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust

The Urban Honors College has been supporting and inspiring students for over 40 years. Alumni gifts and foundation grants have made it possible for students to work at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC, do internships in Congress, write award-winning essays that have been published in peer-reviewed journals and conduct real research in cutting-edge technologies on campus and off. Your support directly funds student research grants, funds travel to internship sites and provides tuition assistance. Due directly to this support, our students have gone on to medical school, law school, careers in publishing and sustainability. Your donation makes a huge difference in their education and in our community. Together, we can launch the next Rhodes scholar from Portland State, but we need your support.

You can make a gift to the Honors College online through the PSU Foundation. 

Your donations help keep the Urban Honors College strong and provide valuable learning and internship opportunities. Thank you for your support!