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Baihetiyaer Tuerxun Ph.D.
Baihetiyaer Tuerxun Ph.D.

Courtesy Professor, Department of History, Portland State University


Interests:  History of Central Asia and Ethnology, history of Xinjiang, present ethnic issues of Xinjiang

Dr. Baihetiyaer Tuerxun holds a courtesy appointment with Department of History at Portland State University. He is a scholar and expert on the history and people of Central Asia, particularly of Xinjiang, China.  Dr. Tuerxun is a retired professor from Xinjiang University, China, where he worked for 32-years as a faculty member and professor with Department of History and Ethnology, School of Humanities, from 1982-2014.  He now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Tuerxun received his Ph.D. in Historical Science from Institute of Sciences, Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997.  He has authored and translated several books and numerous academic articles in Chinese and the Uygher language; and is currently working on several projects on the history of Xinjiang, which he plans to have published in English. Dr. Tuerxun speaks Uyghur, Chinese, Kazakh, and Russian.

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