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Joshua Justice '16
Joshua Justice '16

Joshua Justice, a Portland State University undergraduate student pursuing a degree in history, began his involvement in radio and podcasting on KPSU while hosting a weekly music show, Static + Distance, in the winter of 2015. The idea to tie in his historical background with his interest in radio came during Professor Catherine McNeur’s Heritage Trees course in the Spring of 2015. Inspired by podcasts like the memory palace, Joshua, together with fellow students Ryan Wisnor and Cat Tholen, began work on a series of short podcasts revolving around Portland’s Heritage Tree program.

Ryan and Joshua stayed in touch over the summer and drafted plans for what would become Beyond Footnotes, a biweekly history-based interview show on KPSU sponsored by the Friends of History and the Department of History.

Wanting to pursue radio further, he then (at the urging of Professor McNeur) applied for a volunteer position at Oregon Public Broadcasting. He began his work on State of Wonder in January 2016 and continues to work as a production assistant on the show. The work varies widely, with much of it focusing on post-production skills such as editing, web writing, and tape logging. Moving forward, Joshua hopes to gain more experience working in the field assisting with interviews, creating field recordings and pitching original story ideas.

The experience has been incredibly valuable to Joshua as he translates the skills he has picked up at OPB to the various podcasts and radio shows he works on independently. He plans to continue working with Ryan Wisnor after graduation on an oral history podcast and will continue work on his music podcast, Cold Discovery