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Memoirs of a Mujaheed & Thoughts on Algeria Today, a Panel Discussion
Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 7:00pm
Memoirs of a Mujaheed & Thoughts on Algeria Today, a Panel Discussion

Smith Memorial Student Union, room 294, 1825 SW Broadway

Hamou Amirouche discusses his recently published memoirs, entitled Akfadou: Un An Avec le Colonel Amirouche, and his career as a freedom fighter for Algerian independence from France (1954-62). The book is an indictment of the French occupation of Algeria and the injustices of colonial rule, as they were experienced by a young man who became a mujaheed at the age of 18. But Amirouche’s book is also an indictment of those who subsequently confiscated the Revolution to lead a corrupt and undemocratic Algerian state. It provides an important rethinking of Algeria’s ongoing political violence--an Islamist-led revolt begun in 1992, or the ‘new Algerian war.' The book’s nuanced and frank commentary has prompted a sharp debate in Algeria and beyond on the legacies of the Revolution.

Lindsay Benstead, Portland State University Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Nabil Boudraa, Oregon State University Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies, will join Amirouche to share their thoughts on contemporary Algerian politics.

Amirouche has been a visiting professor at California State University, San Marcos; Mesa College; and Foundation College; a visiting scholar at Harvard University; and an official in the Algerian Government. In addition to his memoirs, he is the author of numerous articles and op-eds.

Free & open to the public

Co-sponsored by the Middle East Studies Center and the Portland Center for Public Humanities.

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