Junghee Lee, "Splendid Metal Crowns of the Paekche Kingdom in Korea and Japan"
Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 6:30pm
Junghee Lee, "Splendid Metal Crowns of the Paekche Kingdom in Korea and Japan"

PSU's Quarterly Korea Program & IAS Faculty Focus presents

"Splendid Metal Crowns of the Paekche Kingdom in Korea and Japan"

Dr. Junghee Lee, Professor of Art History, Portland State Universtiy

Date: February 1st 2017
Location: PSU Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 294

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The history of the Paekche kingdom in Korea is still unclear as there are only a few pages of entries in official chronicles of Paekche in Samguk Sagi and the unofficial Samguk Yusa.  There are, however, more references on Paekche kingdom in Japanese chronicles.  The tombs of the Three Kingdoms period yield brilliant objects of outstanding qualities that reveal strong connection to other countries.  Funerary objects such as the gilt bronze crowns, swords, funerary shoes, and ornamentshave been recently excavated from tombs in the area of Kongju and Puyo and in the south and southwestern coastal regions of the Korean peninsula as well as Six dynasties’ tombs in China and Kofun in Japan.  Intricate open-work patterns on metal objects appear in the Suchonni tomb, King Muryong’s tomb (526 CE), Naju and other regions of Paekche.  They show the influence from the objects in the Liaoning province in China, as well as Koguryo and Silla kingdoms.  Paekche metal works achieved the high level of craftsmanship.  They appear in Japanese tombs of the Kofun period, such as Eta Funayama tomb in Kyushu.  This would indicate the arrival of immigrants from Paekche and the transmission of their craftsmanship to Japan.  I will explore the syncretic subject matters of Buddhism and Taoism and style of the art of Paekche to illuminate the dynamic relationships among the art of Paekche, Kaya, Silla, Koguryo and Japan. 

Dr. Lee's research was covered in part from grant funding from the Northeast Asian History Foundation and the Northeast Asian Council of the Association for Asian Studies.

About the speaker:

Junghee Lee has traveled extensively in India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Central Asia, China, and Korea to visit museums and archeological sites, and brings her experiences to the class through her own slides and recollections. After majoring in Aesthetics at Seoul National University, Junghee Lee moved to UCLA to study Modern Art and Western Art History for her MA and Buddhist art for her PhD.  [Read more at]



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Image: Gilt Bronze Crown, excavated in Kongju, Korea (Paekche Kingdom, 6th century)