Faculty bio-Desmond Cheung



Desmond Cheung

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of British Columbia (2011)

Contact Info:
Cramer Hall 441-R
dcheung @ pdx.edu

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Fields of Expertise:
Chinese history, esp. the Ming Dynasty history of Sino-European exchanges, the Chinese statecraft (jingshi) tradition early modern cities, comparative and world history  

Recent publications:

  • “Defending Our Rites: A Fujian Convert Speaks Out in the Rites Controversy”, in Lau Chung Ming and Wu Xiaoxin eds., Studies in Christianity and Chinese Society and Culture, (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2010), 75-108.
  • “Chinese County Walls between the Central State and Local Society: Evidence from Henan Province during the Ming Dynasty”, in Roger Des Forges, Minglu Gao, Liu Chiao-mei, Haun Saussy, and Thomas Burkman eds., Chinese Walls in Time and Space: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Cornell East Asia Series, 2009), 81-110. 
  • “Zhongguo xintu Zhang Xingyao (1633-1715) de Jidujiao shige”, (“The Christian Poetry of Chinese Convert Zhang Xingyao [1633-1715]”), Logos & Pneuma, Chinese Journal of Theology, 27, (2007), Li Tiangang ed., Special Issue “Sino-Christian Theology in Ming and Qing Dynasties”, 79-109.

Courses taught:

  • HST 320U, East Asian Civilizations 
  • HST 321U, History of Early Modern East Asia
  • HST 322U, History of Modern East Asia
  • HST 423/523, Topics in Chinese Social History
  • HST 424/524, Topics in Chinese Thought and Religion
  • HST 425/525, Modern China
  • HST 495/595, Comparative World History