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Faculty bio-Victoria Belco



Victoria Belco

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley (2001)
J.D. University of California, Berkeley

Contact Info:
Cramer Hall 441-G
vbelco @


Fields of Expertise:
20th century Europe; modern Italy; war and society (social history)

Courses taught:

  • HST 300, Historical Imagination
  • HST 357, Europe from Reformation to Revolutions
  • HST 358, Europe from National Unification to European Union
  • HST 399, Crime and Punishment in American History
  • HST 407/507, Seminar on World War I: The European Experience
  • HST 407/507, Seminar on World War II: Occupation, Collaboration, and Resistance
  • HST 407/507, Seminar on War and Social Change
  • HST 407/507, Seminar on European Nationalism and National Identity
  • HST 407/507, Seminar on Trials as History
  • HST 459/559, Topics in Modern European History
  • HST 497/497, History and Film: Contemporary Italy: Culture, Society, and Politics
  • HST 497/597, History and Film: Filming Europe
  • HST 497/597, History and Film: Ireland
  • HST 497/597, History and Film: World War II: Civilians and Soldiers
  • HST 497/597, Laughing at History