Stage & Stage Wall

A bold and colorful space, the stage is available for public events such as concerts, rallies, speakouts, and ceremonial occasions.



The stage paving, designed by Portland artist, Adriene Cruz, consists of a richly dense pattern that continues the colorful motifs woven throughout the walkway which Cruz also designed.

In her artist statement, Cruz describes the meaning of the pattern:

"The idea of Radiant Energy was the main focus for the stage and walkway paving design.  Universal triangular patterns sharply getting to the point in warm earth tones represent the direction and strength of the women honored here. The end result hopefully creates a welcoming communal space to walk, learn and gather."

In addition to the engraved names of 367 heroines, the Stage Wall includes a special area in which are engraved the names of one hundred and one "foremothers who fought for the rights, freedom, and dignity of women."  Recognized in this group are women who made a significant and sustained contribution to women’s civil, economic, or political rights—causes advancing the dignity and freedom of women. Criteria for inclusion were: 1) a significant part of her life focused on the needs or concerns of women; 2) her work was sustained over a period of many years; and 3) the impact of her work went beyond her immediate friends or kin. 

For every woman included in this list of feminist foremothers, there are hundreds not so honored.  We hope visitors to the site will use these heroine stories as a starting point to learn more about the many, many women on whose shoulders we stand today.  You will find more about the foremothers honored on the stage wall, as well as many other women who fought for women's rights, freedom, and dignity, by going to the web resources we have gathered.