Gardens designed to reflect the spirit of the Walk of the Heroines frame  the north and south sides of the walkway.

Along the north side are the East Garden, the Central Garden, the West Garden and the Iris Rill.

East Garden

Nestled behind the entry wall sits the East Garden  an area for picnicking as well as quiet reflection. The East Garden includes English Lavender and a variety of grasses encircling Dove Trees. These trees produce lovely petals in the shape of doves the bird that has come to symbolize peace throughout the world.  Women who have worked for peace are honored here as well as on other sites throughout the park.

Central Garden

The Central Garden includes the Interfaith Friendship Garden, honoring women who have come together out of different faith traditions to celebrate their shared values.

From Lily of the Nile, Siberian Iris, Mexican Feather Grass, and the Ballerina Shrub Rose, an array of plants and shrubs create a textured setting to pay tribute to the distinctiveness of each tradition as well as the shared commitments of women from these various spiritual communities.

West Garden

The West Garden includes the Maurine Neuberger Garden where visitors can enjoy the fragrance and summer blooming of a delicate miniature rose cultivated in Oregon and named especially for Maurine Neuberger. 

Iris Rill

Inspired by the concept of a stream winding through the park, the Iris Rill symbolically links the water from the Fountain in Honor of Mothers to the gardens on the north side of the walkway. The Iris Rill was designed for sustainability and collects rain falling onto the paving, gently absorbing the flow of water to sustain the beautiful and vibrant plant material in the cleavage of the Rill. A series of benches straddle the area for quiet reflection and socializing.

Tapestry Garden

Extending the entire south side of the walkway, the Tapestry Garden combines a rich variety of seasonal plants and foliage that come to life throughout the year and surround a row of Cherry Trees along the south walls. This garden of continuous color and texture represents the emergence of different possibilities for women throughout the lifespan. The Tapestry Garden provides protective shading for the park and frames the Fountain and Stage areas of the Walk.