Behind the Walk Project

The Walk of the Heroines realizes a vision — of a special place to honor the women who have illuminated our lives. This innovative, educational park gives artistic recognition to women's vital contributions. Whether as teacher, scientist, business or political leader, artist, or athlete, or in the more private roles of mother, sister, friend, or volunteer, women shape our lives, our culture, and our society.

The park includes an Educational Kiosk displaying heroine stories, gardens, artistic paving, sculptures, a fountain, a stage, and naming walls. Thirty Quotations by extraordinary women from wide-ranging fields of knowledge throughout history are inscribed on granite paving bands. View all these features.

Portland’s Walk of the Heroines pays tribute to the rich spectrum of women's activities, honoring women, living or deceased, from diverse backgrounds.  Their  stories challenge us to develop new meanings of heroism and deepen our appreciation for the breadth of women’s private as well as public contributions.   As you read the stories you will find common threads that run through women's lives across the divides of time, place, and culture and uncover new connections between those living and those who have gone before.  Here the Walk carries a powerful legacy for future generations.