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Meet Ian Stude
Meet Ian Stude

Ian Stude is the Director of Transportation and Parking Services and Portland State University (PSU), a department that manages the university's parking facilities as well as robust programs to incentivize and facilitate non-single occupancy vehicle commute options. Transportation & Parking Services provides transit pass programs for students and employees, facilitates carpool and carshare options on campus, and oversees bicycle parking and the PSU Bike Hub, a on-campus bike shop design to support and encourage bicycle commuting.

Ian's career at PSU began with the inception of the PSU Bike Co-op, the much smaller predecessor to the PSU Bike Hub, which served as the platform for rapid growth in both the university's support for bicycle commuting and the resulting increase in ridership from 3% to 12% of trips to campus. Ian's role within Transportation & Parking Services grew to include management of transit incentive programs, carsharing and carpool programs, and departmental communications, including a strong focus on New Student Orientation. In 2013, after seeing "alternative" transportation encompass 80% of the trips to campus, Ian was chosen to lead the department and has since immersed himself into the world of parking. Ian still rides his bike to work each day, all the while thinking about how to make everyone's commute to PSU safer and more efficient.

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