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Meet Chris Huynh '17 Business Honors Undergraduate Student
Meet Chris Huynh '17 Business Honors Undergraduate Student

Chris Huynh is a Business Honors Student and a University Honors Program participant majoring in Finance and Accounting. Chris is from Southern California originally but has spent most of his life in Beaverton. His interest in economics dates back to his childhood when he was fascinated of how money flows through the nation’s economy. He also was captivated by the fact that although consumers and suppliers both use currency as a medium of exchange, they each have their own motivations for how and what to spend their capital on. Chris considers Portland as the financial hub of the state, that’s why he wanted to study and work here.

What attracted you to the Business Honors Program?

The Business Honors Program was attractive to me because of the academic rigor and prestige that the program had, as well as the perceived benefit of the program allowing me to differentiate myself from my peers.

What has been your favorite thing/things about the program so far?

My favorite aspect about the program so far has been having the ability to network with business professionals in and around the city of Portland. This program also helped me in my career development by giving me the opportunity to meet and network with the officers of BAP. This meeting with BAP officers during my Honors Orientation was the catalyst that allowed me to excel during recruiting season and land a summer internship this June with PwC. Also, the various workshops that the Honors Program has offered me (business communication, art of storytelling, etc.) have improved my current internship experience at Morgan Stanley.

Why would you recommend students with a high GPA to participate in the program?

I would recommend students with a high GPA to participate in the program because of the added benefit of rigorous coursework and prestige added to their degree

Your plans after graduation or where do you see yourself in five years?

I plan to begin my career in Public Accounting at PwC in the Tax division. In the next five years, I plan to move to the NYC office to get the opportunity to work in Mergers and Acquisitions Tax consulting, my current, desired field to work in.

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