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Brian Everall
Brian Everall



Systems Analyst


BS in Psychology, Portland State University

PSU History

Started in 1998 as a Desktop Support Student Technician; What continues to draw me to to Portland State is the campus and the amazing people. I've met some very intelligent and hard working individuals while at PSU. Many of them have inspired me to be the best person I can be, both socially and professionally.

Professional Focus

Brian Everall is the Systems Analyst for the School of Social Work. He has managed and collaborated many large scale Information Technology projects at Portland State University (PSU). Brian began working at PSU in 2000 for the Office of Information Technology. He has been in various technical and supervisory roles. He earned a BS in Psychology while attending PSU.

Personal Interests

 My main interest is technology and science, and following new developments in those areas. When at home, I really enjoy getting together with friends, playing boardgames, spending time with our kids, exploring Portland eateries, and getting outdoors.