Priority Areas

In 2016, the Healthy Campus Initiative Steering Committee identified three data-driven priorities that are centered around a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy community. Task forces comprised of faculty, staff and students are hard at work to identify the needs of our community and appropriate steps toward change in these three priority areas.

Following are key data points from Portland State’s spring 2016 National College Health Assessment. Results are based on nearly 1,000 student participants.

  • 67% report experiencing above-average stress levels in the last 12 months
  • 55% report having two or less servings of fruit and vegetables per day
  • 27% report feeling not safe or somewhat unsafe on campus at night

Healthy Mind | Manage Stress

From yoga and competitive sports to counseling and resource centers, Portland State offers a variety of departments, programs and services that mitigate stress as an impediment to success. Stress is a complex issue that comes in different forms to different people. It’s inevitable and a normal reaction to life’s challenges. How we manage stress is equally complex and critical to overall health. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, especially on a campus as diverse and evolving as ours.

Healthy Body | Healthy Eating

Food access, equity and labeling are essential components of healthy eating. This task force works with existing groups on campus and is exploring new initiatives that ensure that there are healthy and affordable food options available to the PSU community.

Healthy Community | Safe Campus

Feeling safe is a vital component of learning, living and working on campus. This task group examines all facets of a safe campus, from safety response and crime prevention programs to policy development. Our growing campus and increase in on-campus residents adds more complexity to campus safety. Special attention to this area helps keep pace with these challenges.