Paresh Patel '96 wins innovation award at Interbev 2012
Author: School of Business Administration
Posted: November 6, 2012

Paresh Patel '96 won Best Technology Innovation at Interbev 2012 on Oct. 16, where Interbev recognized innovation and excellence across 25 awards from soft drinks and alcohol to ingredients, packaging and marketing.

Dr. Paresh Patel is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for applying breakthrough technologies to established business models. At age 17, he founded Courtesy Vending to help pay for college, then propelled the company to twenty times growth in just five years to become the largest independent vending operator in the Portland area. Anticipating the rapidly evolving technology needs of vending operators, Dr. Patel again applied his entrepreneurial instincts, business savvy and industry experience to launch VendScreen; a game-changing product which advances vending’s position in the retail channel.

Dr. Patel graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University. He earned an MBA at the University of Washington and a Ph.D. at Capella University. Dr. Patel is also Chairman of the Board of the Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union in Portland, Oregon and proudly endorses Made in Portland. He received the CopnnectEd award at last year's Connected World Conference.

Dr. Paresh will be a speaker at the upcoming Startup Weekend in Portland, taking place Nov. 16, 2012.