e-Transcripts: Student Transcripts Go Electronic
Author: Registrar's Office
Posted: December 12, 2014

PSU Office of the Registrar took a leap of faith and has made significant strides in sustainability this summer by partnering with Parchment Inc. to produce the official student transcript.  We can now offer  secure, electronic (pdf) official transcripts, in addition to the standard paper version. (Click here for more information. ) Although we have been able to send and receive electronic transcripts to and from most public schools within Oregon for many years, we were not able to send e-transcripts to out of state schools, employers and others. As a result the vast majority of transcript production was via paper and snail mail, taking 1-3 days to produce and 3 or more days to deliver via USPS.  Electronic transcripts now arrive securely at their destinations within 20 minutes.  

The transcript request process is  entirely online! Current students and alumni can access the new request portal directly from their Banweb student account. Students may order a secure pdf to be sent to any email address they provide (including their own email address), or to any institution from the Parchment organization list (this includes over 2500 institutes of higher education). Electronic transcripts arrive at their destination in as little as 20 minutes! Students may also order a paper transcript through Parchment which is processed in 1-3 business days (plus delivery time.) 

What if  alumni have forgotten their PSU ID numbers or Banweb passwords? Not to worry! Students may set up an account directly within the new system, providing basic biographical information. We will then match their information to the student record and the student may continue to access official transcript requests through this account.Since we went live with Parchment, they have fulfilled 10,285 transcript requests. Of that, 5337 (51.89%) were electronic!! Now that's what we call sustainable. Our office still fulfills several types of special transcript requests internally. If you would like to learn more about our process, please visit: