Degree Mapping Takes Shape
Author: Student Affairs
Posted: April 3, 2011

The Degree Mapping Project is a new undertaking in Students Affairs that had its genesis in the student success and retention initiatives.  Currently, when students obtain their degree audit, the audit informs that what classes they need to take in order to complete their degree.  Degree mapping goes one step further and plots those requirements for students by term and by year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). 

Degree mapping is not a new concept – in fact, it’s already being done around campus by the School of Business, Maseeh College of Engineering, and several other departments.  Student Affairs will systemize and centralize that approach across campus by working with individual departments to create these maps.  Once the project is completed, PSU will have a central website where students can find this information. 

Degree mapping will help students stay on track and take the correct courses in the correct sequence.  It will also help students complete their degrees in the expected time frame.  If a student does get off track, by failing a course or taking a term off, the degree map will help them get reorganized and back on track in a thoughtful way.  Ultimately, degree mapping will save students time and money by helping them toward their academic goals.