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Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness means engaging in creative and stimulating mental activities. Using the resources available to expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and increase your potential. The following are key points* to achieving Intellectual Wellness:

  • Encouragement of creative mental activity.
  • Expansion of knowledge of self and world.
  • Avoidance of idle thoughts and boredom.

For information on various aspects of Intellectual Wellness, please select a link from one of the topics below:

Career Planning

  • New Leaves - New Leaves helps individuals of all ages and circumstances make good career choices. They also provide coaching in the skills that support personal achievement and productivity in the workplace. Even though they are not located in Oregon, you may find some of their newsletters helpful as you start your career search or if you are thinking about changing career paths.
  • PSU Career Center - The PSU Career Center staff members assist Portland State University (PSU) students and alumni with career development and job search needs. Through individual appointments and workshops, the Career Center helps students with the career decision-making process. In addition, the Career Center teaches students and alumni how to write resumes, interview, and conduct effective job searches. Through PSU's Handshake, the Career Center posts part-time and full-time jobs as well as internships. It also coordinates an on-campus recruiting program where employers interview seniors on campus for career positions.

Foreign Languages

Help with ESL (English as a Second Language)

  • Listening - English online- materials for teaching and learning.

How People Learn

Learning Disabilities

  • Americans With Disabilities Act Homepage - Provides a guide to disability rights and laws. Includes a booklet that provides a brief overview of 10 federal laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities and provides information about federal agencies to contact for more information. Touches on specific issues such as mediation programs and employment seeking information for people with disabilities.
  • Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) - AHEAD is the professional association committed to full participation of persons with disabilities in post-secondary education.
  • Learning Disabilities - Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence.
  • Learning Disabilities On-line - LD Online offers information and resources for children and adults who have learning disabilities and ADHD. The site features hundreds of helpful articles, monthly columns by noted experts, first person essays, a comprehensive resource guide, a set of very active bulletin boards, and a Yellow Pages referral directory of professionals, schools, and products.
  • Learning Disability Association of America - Organization that provides support for people affected by learning disabilities. Provides cutting edge information on learning disabilities, practical solutions, and a comprehensive network of resources.
  • Learning Disability Resource Community - An online community for those affected by learning disabilities. A resource to gain knowledge about learning disabilities, discover new teaching and educational tools, share information and experiences, and contribute to a greater understanding.
  • Learning Disability Resources - Resources for the learning disabilities community.
  • Life Lifters - Offers helpful resources for behavioral treatment of ADHD. Also has online community forums.
  • Living with ADD - Supportive website that stigmatizes ADD and focuses on the person not the disability. Provides resources such as coaching, classes, and articles related to ADD. Also available through the site is an active forum for people with ADD to discuss related topics.
  • National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD - Organization that promotes education on the differences in AD/HD across gender. Specifically, this website offers information and support for women with AD/HD who may have been misdiagnosed or misunderstood. Provides resources and links to current research on the topic of women with AD/HD.
  • National Research Center on Learning Disabilities - Provides current research, publications, and presentations on learning disabilities.
  • National Resource Center on ADHD - Comprehensive AD/HD resource that includes a wide variety of information including everything from myths and misunderstandings to the causes of ADHD. If you have a question about AD/HD this may be where you want to look first!

PSU Resources

  • Educational Equity Programs and Services (EEPS) - "Programs and services offered through the office of Educational Equity provide academic support services to Portland State students, as well as college information and educational support services to students in many of the Portland metropolitan area middle school and high schools." To learn more about what's offered to you, visit their website.
  • PSU Writing Center - "The Portland State University Writing Center is a lovely venue in which trained professional consultants and staff provide nonjudgmental, collaborative support to students, faculty, and community members in all stages of the writing process. The services offered by the Writing Center are free and open to the public: you may bring in any writing project—academic or nonacademic, personal or professional."
  • Students First Mentoring Program - "The front half of this site is general information about who we are and what we have to offer to new, first-gen students. The site also contains the student issues videos that we have created to let our students hear directly from other people just like them about how they faced, and overcame, challenges as they were getting used to being a university student."

Study Skills - General

Study Skills - Math

Time Management

  • Soshiku: The Smart Way to Keep Track of Your School Work - It's a free service that allows you to schedule all of your class assignments, exams, etc. into a calendar. The best part is that it will email or text you with alerts when these assignments are due. Perfect for the person who is good at first starts, but needs a little help with keeping the organization going.

*Key points provided by Andrew P. Jenkins, Ph.D., Central Washington University.