Healthy Vendor & Healthy Department

Healthy Food Vendor Certification

A quality education goes beyond the classroom. Healthy living fosters holistic success and should be accessible to all. The Portland State University Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) works toward campus-wide health and wellbeing initiatives to move PSU toward a healthy campus culture for students, faculty and staff. Portland State’s HCI is guided by Healthy Campus 2020, an effort that provides a framework for improving the overall health status of campuses nationwide.

The most recent initiative out of HCI the Healthy Vendor Certification.  

The PSU Healthy Vendor Certification allows the  Portland State campus community to quickly recognize food vendors that offer healthy, diverse, sustainable and affordable food options within proximity of the PSU campus. A Certified Healthy Food Vendors can be identified with this icon at their business.

Last Spring, approximately 3,000 PSU students, faculty and staff participated in a survey  that established the motivation and guidelines for the Healthy Food Vendor Certification. The HCI Healthy Campus Committee  utilized the results of the survey to devise the content and scoring threshold for the certification. In order to receive the certification a food vendor had to score 75% or higher. The criteria considered included:

  • Alignment with nutritional guidelines of the USDA
  • Accomodation for specialty diets (vegan, vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Hindu)
  • Sustainable food practices
  • Affordability  

The Healthy Campus Initiative - Healthy Campus Committee  is happy to announce the following food vendors have been certified as Healthy Food Vendors:

Vendor Highlight: Krua Bankok, located in with the food cart pod on SW 4th Ave. between Hall and College,has been part of the PSU community for over 9 years.  Kamol, owner of Krua Bankok, said that he loves being part of the PSU community because it is lively and the customers are fun to interact with. He feels being a food cart is special because they can design menus and serve customers as they want to and healthy food is an important part of that.  When asked what one dish would he recommend he responded, “Just one, haha!?!”.

Healthy Department Certification

What is the Healthy Department Certification?

Through the Healthy Campus Initiative, we present to you the PSU Healthy Department Certification. Created in 2017, the Healthy Department Certification promotes an environment of health here at Portland State. The hope is to encourage the entire PSU community to take an active role in creating a healthier work environment. Why does a healthier work environment matter?  Healthy employees are more likely to be engaged, happier, confident, and successful.

Certified Healthy Department Distinctions:








How do you become a Certified Healthy Department?

Your department may already qualify as a Certified Healthy Department, or you may need to make a few simple changes to become one. To apply for the Healthy Department distinction, please complete the online application form

Preview the Healthy Department Certification Questions.

 Steering Committee Recommendation: Please work with a small team within your department to fill out the application. By doing this, it ensures an application with representative and inclusive department feedback.

Shortly after completing the application, one of the Steering Committee members will get in contact with you to discuss your responses.

Each Certified Healthy Department receives:

  • Window decal for their office window
  • Healthy Department certificate
  • Health prize pack
  • Consultation and support on areas of improvement (all applicants receive)


If you have any questions or need assistance completing the form, please contact