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Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness means paying attention to self-care, relaxation, and stress reduction. The following are key points* to achieving Emotional Wellness:

  • Emphasis on awareness/acceptance of feelings.
  • Positive thinking about one's self and others.
  • Realistic assessment of abilities and limitations.
  • Maintenance of satisfying relationships with others.

For information on various aspects of Emotional Wellness, please select a link from one of the topics below:


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

  • ADHD - Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. **Includes pointers for College Students.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Resources - A helpful website for people with ADHD (or ADHD symptoms). They provide written information on a variety of topics as well as podcasts and teleseminars.
  • Studying with ADHD - St. Thomas University Study Guides - Multiple Languages.

General Mental Health

  • - This web site is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well being of college students. The site has articles about many issues facing college students today, such as fitting in, loneliness, relationship abuse, test anxiety, drugs, alcohol, money problems, and much more.
  • Counseling Center Village - Home pages & other web resources from college & university counseling centers around the world.
  • Mental Help Net - Award-winning guide to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry resources online.
  • National Institute of Mental Health Publications - Information on specific mental disorders: diagnosis & treatment.
  • Selfhelp Magazine - Free e-mail "sample" of current resources related to self-help & psychology.
  • University of Chicago Virtual Pamphlets - Web site specifically helpful to college students & their concerns.

Mood Disorders

  • Depression - National Institute of Mental Health information.
  • Depression in Men - NIMH "Real Men-Real Depression" informational campaign.
  • Online Confidential Depression Screening - If you are concerned that you or a friend may suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder, just complete this quick confidential online test. The test results can be printed and you can bring it with you to talk to a counselor in the clinic about the results.

Panic Disorders

  • Panic Disorders - Information on Panic Disorders from the National Institute of Mental Health.


  • DoAsOne - Breathing slowly in and out is know to calm the mind and body, but have you ever found it difficult to count your breaths, or no rush the process?  Check out this site for carefully designed breathing tools that make this simple relaxation exercise that much easier.
  • Online Relaxation Exercises - Relaxation exercises are very helpful when dealing with anxiety and/or stress management. This site has a number of audio files for breathing exercises, deep muscle relaxation, guided imagery and mindfulness meditations.
  • MusicMeFree - Free music for meditation, relaxation, sleep, stress relief and more.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Relief - Audio relaxation practices.
  • Seattle Insight Meditation Society - Series of video instruction for beginning meditators..

Self Esteem

  • Self Esteem - Take this on-line quiz from the Discovery Health Channel to assess your self esteem and get tips to improve it.

Self Improvement

  • Psychweb - Brochures and articles related to psychology.
  • Self Growth - Web guide to Personal Growth, Self Improvement, Self-help and Personal Power.

Stress Management


*Key points provided by Andrew P. Jenkins, Ph.D., Central Washington University.