Testing Services

Testing Services

SHAC Testing Services office lobby with desks, couches and lockers.

Office Currently Closed

Per the university directive that all Spring courses will be taught remotely, SHAC Testing Services will not be open to administer exams during Spring term. Students should refer to their faculty member with questions about quizzes and exams for Spring term. SHAC Testing Services can be reached by email at testing@pdx.edu.

Our Mission

Testing Services supports SHAC with exceptional and accessible academic testing services. This is accomplished through a commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of test administrations and adhering to National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines. 

Testing Services Offers

Testing Services offers adherence to professional proctoring standards, high test security standards, computer and paper based testing, and video and visual surveillance. Testing also adheres to the PSU Code of Conduct , provides a clean and comfortable, distraction-reduced environment,  and secure storage for personal belongings.

PSU Classroom full of students and a professor speaking at the front.

Information for Faculty

Testing Services assists faculty by providing additional administration for Accommodated and Makeup Exams when necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions about Testing Services, our expectations of Faculty, and the services we provide.