Undergraduate Program in Political Science

A bachelor of arts (B.A.) or a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in political science may include coursework on a multitude of topics: the nature of the policy process; the rules and procedures of local, state, national, and international political institutions; the crucial role of individuals, political parties, interest groups, and the media in the political process; the ways in which political culture shapes demands on government and policy outcomes; alternative philosophical perspectives on public life and their relation to the western liberal tradition; and the impact of globalization on peoples, cultures, and environments.

The undergraduate curriculum in political science is built on the faculty’s commitment to providing a social science education that is rigorous, sometimes provocative, and always rewarding.

The requirements for the political science major and minor have recently changed. The requirements for students starting at PSU during or after the 2013-14 academic year are listed below and in the current PSU Bulletin. Students starting before 2013-14 may adhere to the current requirements or to the previous requirements (see previous requirements or the PSU Bulletin for your “catalog year”).





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