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Student Work Samples

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Over the course of four weeks, each MEPI student goes through a process of individually applying the skills and tools of a basic needs assessment, to better analyze a local challenge within their home community. The Action Plan is the culmination of this critical thinking process, which enables students to to identify the causes of a problem, relationship dynamics within and between community groups, and the services and needs being met by different organizations. The steps in the plan engage students to create clear goals and measurements of success, and help them understand the dynamic nature of action planning and how to adjust as they move through the process.


Digital Stories are a vehicle to capture the journey and the impact of the MEPI student experience, and a method for teaching the importance of clear messaging and storytelling. Digital stories provide a structure for communicating with an audience. Students use basic technology like flip cameras to record their experience, focusing on language, visual imagery, sound, photos, and content ot build and express their message. We invite you to watch the video's below and to view all the digital stories from the 2012 MEPI cohort.


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