Student Groups

The Public Administration Student Association (PASA) at Portland State University provides information, opportunities and support for Public Administration students. We hope that PASA can assist you from the beginning of your graduate studies to take advantage of your education and help you make the most out of this season of your professional lives. We are confident your time in the Hatfield School programs will be exhilarating and rewarding!

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The PSU & OHSU Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Chapter seeks to empower learners and leaders in the Portland region and beyond to develop interprofessional connections and competencies to improve the services and systems that promote health. Learn more about how to get involved.

The PSU PA Alumni Association seeks to foster a strong collaborative network among current students, alumni, and faculty to promote the division, create a cohesive identity, and enhance opportunities for social and professional relationships in the public sector community. Join us for networking events throughout the year! Learn more on our new website or connect with us below!

Connect with us: Email Facebook PASA @ Portland State University