Rachel Sanders

Rachel Sanders
Phone: (503) 725-8319
URBN 650-D

Rachel Sanders (PhD, 2013, University of Washington) specializes in political theory. Her research interests are in biopower, critical race studies, feminist theory, popular culture, and health and body politics. 

Her original research articles, review essays, and opinion essays appear in Politics, Groups and Identities (forthcoming); Law, Culture and the Humanities; Body & Society; Political Theory; and Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy; and on the Contemporary Condition blog. 

She is currently working on a book manuscript titled The Color of Fat, the Shape of Power: Racial and Gender Biopolitics of Obesity.

She teaches the following courses:

PS 208, Intro to Political Theory (topic: The Concept of Power in Political Thought)
PS 387, Politics and Fiction (topic: White Privilege)
PS 410/510, Feminist Political Theory (topic: Contemporary Gender and Body Politics)
PS 482/582, Liberalism and its Critics
PAP 413/513, Ethics in Public Policy (topic: Responsibility for Racial Justice)
PAP 611, Normative Foundations of Governance