Prospective Students


Right 2 Dream Too

Our students come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds, and their career goals are just as diverse. Here are a few traits they all share:

A belief that public institutions – government agencies, nonprofits, grassroots and community organizations, and social enterprises – can be effective and innovative 

An interest in working across sectors and disciplines to develop creative, collaborative solutions to public sector challenges

A desire to make a difference in local and global communities

Portland not only offers unrivaled access to urban and natural amenities, but is also the perfect professional playground for rising public servants.

As a longstanding Portland Institution, the Hatfield School maintains relationships with local, state, and national partners at all levels of government, in the nonprofit sphere, with grassroots and community organizations, and in the exciting field of social entrepreneurship. Learning takes place in the classroom and in the community, as students work with organizational partners to put theory into practice.

Portland City Hall