Program Overview

The doctoral degree in Health Systems and Policy (HS&P) is administered through the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, and draws on faculty from across PSU as well as OHSU. The program provides a unique educational experience for students interested in immediately applying theory to practice as they prepare for careers as researchers and teachers.

The HS&P program provides students with core curricular content in health systems and public health, extensive study of policy domains and applications, and intensive training in research methods and research design. In addition to core coursework, the doctoral program of study offers students the flexibility to choose one of four primary emphasis areas: 1) health systems organization, financing, and delivery, 2) health policy analysis and application, 3) health services, access, quality, and cost, and 4) community-based health and social services. The curriculum is designed to help students integrate coursework with applied research and practice and emphasizes community-engaged learning and scholarship.