Program Overview

The doctoral degree in Public Affairs and Policy (PAP) is an interdisciplinary program of study. It is administered through the Hatfield School of Government but draws on faculty from the entire College of Urban and Public Affairs. The program is designed to prepare doctoral students who want to pursue careers in research, teaching, public service, and/or consulting in a variety of settings, including academia, government, and the private sector.

The curriculum of the Ph.D. program focuses on governance and the integrated study of political, administrative, and policy processes in the public sector. Through their course­work and research, students encounter a range of theoretical and practical policy is­sues at the local, state, national, and international levels.

In addition to core coursework, the doctoral program of study consists of two specialization tracks: (i) public administration and pol­icy and (ii) politics and public policy. These tracks provide multidisciplinary training in the socioeconomic and institutional frameworks within which policies are implemented, administered, and evaluated, as well as training in the analytical and research methods used to examine policy processes and outcomes. As part of their coursework and dissertation research, students specialize in one or more substantive policy areas. PAP doctoral degree recipients have written dissertations on a wide variety of topics.