For Current Students

In addition to working with your advisor, this page will help you stay informed and on track with your studies and requirements for the program. This includes tracking your courses and progress, staying on top of required forms, and exploring the requirements necessary for graduation. Here you will find the resources and many forms needing your attention over the next several years. The Program Completion Checklist is an excellent resource for tracking your program progress and requirements. 


At all stages of your PhD you will need to stay on top of forms demanding of your attention. These are used to document and monitor student progress. Some forms will need several weeks for processing, especially forms filed with the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) and research items like IRB forms, others are necessary for you to form committees and require multiple signatures. From keeping track of the logistics of forming your field committe to the extensive dissertation and graduation paperwork, we keep the forms page up to date so you can navigate your progress efficiently.

Program Handbook

Updated for the current academic year, the program handbook is provided as a reminder of the program process, requirements, and useful resources regarding rules and procedures for your admission and participation in the program. 

Course Planner 2018-2019

This current course planner outlines the available course offerings for the academic year to help you plan your schedule accordingly. As some course are only offered once a year, this planner will help you incorporate and forecast required courses for specialization tracks into your progress timeline.