Undergraduate Scholarships in Political Science

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Political Science Department and its students have benefited from the generous support of those who have chosen to endow undergraduate scholarships. 

  • D. Paul Fansler Memorial Scholarship. Awarded to seniors and graduate students in Political Science and International Studies, with high promise of achievement in international affairs.
  • Frank and Nadezda Munk Political Science Scholarship. Awarded to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student in Political Science with a particular interest in international affairs.
  • Katrina Pongracz-Bartha Scholarship. Awarded to undergraduate (junior/senior) women students majoring in Political Science who confront financial hardship or family obligations.
  • Phyllis Robideaux Wiener Scholarship. Awarded to an outstanding upper division Political Science student who attended an Oregon high school, has engaged in civic activities, and shows potential for future community involvement.

Students apply for these scholarships online at the PSU Scholarship Website.