Master of Nonprofit Leadership

Leadership for the Common Good.

Nonprofit and grassroots organizations bring people together around common causes. They provide a venue for people to respond to problems by coming together out of mutual caring, empowering collective action and initiating activities to “pick up the pieces” of society’s ills. They also provide a forum for people to come together to create and share art, preserve a shared culture and history, sustain open spaces, advance a profession, and rally communities for change. If there is an unmet need in the community, nonprofits provide space for people to come together to address it; that is its promise.

PSU’s Master of Nonprofit Leadership is for those who believe in the power of collective action for meaningful social change. Be a part of the next generation of nonprofit leaders who work for the common good.

MNL Program Overview

54 Credits | Full-Time or Part-Time

A Curriculum Where You Learn By Doing

In the MNL curriculum, we marry the best of theory and practice so that you gain critical insights into nonprofit leadership and management and the skills to affect meaningful change. Your coursework will focus on four core areas:

1. Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector and Nonprofit Leadership
Understand the role of the nonprofit sector and how to lead nonprofit and grassroots organizations for today’s complex world.

2. Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management
Develop critical skills to manage a nonprofit or grassroots organization effectively, including board governance, financial management, fundraising and organizational behavior.

3. Analytic Skills
Learn and apply best practices for evidence-based decision-making.

4. Advocacy, Policymaking and Community Change
Explore avenues for nonprofit and grassroots organizations to create lasting and meaningful community and social change.

Beyond these core areas, you will enhance your knowledge and skillset with elective courses of your choosing and a community-based capstone project.