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Kim Williams

Office: URBN 650K
Phone: 503.725.8320

Kim M. Williams (Ph.D. 2001, Cornell University) is associate professor of Political Science. She teaches courses in American politics, including racial/ethnic politics, gender politics, immigration politics, and social movements.  Williams also serves as the chair of the department’s Scholarships, Honors & Awards committee.  Her research focuses on multiracial and immigration politics in the United States. Her book, Mark One or More: Civil Rights in Multiracial America (2006), shows that even modest social movements can have profound effects on public policy.  Among other places, her work has appeared in Daedalus, Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race, Frontera Norte, the Journal of African American Studies, and Studies in American Political Development (forthcoming). Her current research explores the possibility that “white backlash” is helping to push the immigrant rights and civil rights movements together. She taught at the Harvard Kennedy School from 2000-2010.