Japanese Training Program

A Partnership between the Okuma School of Public Management at Waseda University, the Executive Leadership in the Hatfield School at Portland Sate University and the Tokyo Foundation.

The Executive Leadership Institute in the Hatfield School of Government, with our partners in Japan, is providing professional development training to Japanese municipal officers on campus in Portland and at Waseda University in Tokyo.  The program started in 2004 and is slated to run for 5 years involving approximately 50 municipal officers and many of their counterparts in the greater Portland area.  The overall objective of the training program is to build awareness and understanding of the basic aspects of public service through structured learning and project implementation in Japan and the United States.  As a result of the program the Japanese municipal officers will have the tools to create innovative approaches to municipal administration and also an increased network of resources and colleagues in the United States and Japan.  In this program, the municipal officers selected from different municipal governments in Japan attend training at Waseda University from April to July, prior to their arrival in Portland.  Professor Masami Nishishiba and Professor Marcus Ingle are the lead faculty for the training at Portland State University, which will take place from July to September each year.  This program presents an exciting opportunity for the exchange of knowledge between the Executive Leadership Institute and the Okuma School of Public Management.  We expect that the relationship between Portland State University and Waseda University will be expanded and lead to great benefit for Japan and Oregon as resources and knowledge are shared.

For further information please contact:

Masami Nishishiba