Hatfield School Master's Programs

We care deeply about challenges faced by individuals, our communities, and the environment. We're guessing you do, too.

Each of our programs equips students to effect real change. To face challenges head on. And, each of our programs approaches this vitally important training differently. Maybe you want to get more involved in politics. Advocate for the disenfranchised. Fix the healthcare system. Effect public policy. 

Can't decide? We're here to help you find your angle.

Public Administration







You want to find ways to increase efficiency in governments. You feel called to public service. You're passionate about being a leader. You want to work in city, state, or federal government. You want to find ways for the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to better work together—to better serve their constituents.

Health Administration

You believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. You know that improving the healthcare system will improve lives. You want to work in social services or at a health nonprofit. You feel compelled to work in the government agencies that manage access to healthcare. You want to lead a nonprofit clinic.


Nonprofit Leadership

You're passionate about social change and advocacy. You want to work for the common good. You want to make a meaningful difference. You want a leadership position in a nonprofit. You feel driven to raise money for organizations that strengthen communities. You want to be a researcher or analyst in the nonprofit field.

Public Policy

You understand that good public policy does good. You want to better serve the underserved. You're eager to work for social justice. You strive to be a policy analyst, political organizer, or staff member on a political campaign. You want to lead a domestic or international nongovernmental organization. You're driven to write and enact policy.


Political Science

You know it's critical to understand the role politics plays in the world around us. You want to study the issues: democratization, political inequality, social justice. Maybe you want to go on to a PhD. Maybe you want to work in the foreign service. Maybe you strive to work in politics—or analyze politics.