Graduate Programs

At the Hatfield School of Government, we provide diverse options of graduate programs to forward your career in social justice, civic engagement, government, public service, and a wide variety of private and non-profit options.

We encourage you to explore the variety of graduate programs the Hatfield School of Government offers:

Ph.D. Public Affairs and Policy

Interdisciplinary in nature, our PhD program provides students for careers in teaching, public service, and consulting in a variety of settings.
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Master of Public Policy

Designed to meet the growing demand for public policy professionals in all sectors, a master in public policy offers two tracks: Policy Analysis or Policy Advocacy.
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Master of Public Administration

Focusing on preparing students for administrative positions in governmental and non-profit organizations, our program produces competent and effective leaders.
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Master of Public 
Administration: Health Administration

Our unique program creates leaders in the health management field with a commitment to excellence and contribution to the health community.
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Master of Political Science

We offer an exciting graduate curriculum with four major subfield options: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.
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Master of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Articulate your career goals and critically evaluate and apply criminal justice and criminology theories. Develop experience and expertise to follow your career into the crime and criminal justice system. 
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