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Global Leadership & Management Specialization

As public sector organizations experience the effects of globalization, public leaders increasingly require a solid grounding in global theory and practice.  The global leadership and management specialization (15 credits) within the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program uses multidisciplinary and multicultural lenses to provide students with an understanding of responsible leadership and to prepare them for a career with an international nonprofit or governmental agency.  The specialization supplements the MPA curriculum by adding a global perspective to prepare students for public leadership in a highly dynamic and interconnected world.

Two Core Courses Form the Basis for Further Study.

•    PA 514—Global Leadership & Management (3 credits)
 Instructor: Dr. Marcus Ingle
This course equips students with professional skills and practical knowledge that will help them to understand global trends and to lead and manage responsibly in a range of global settings.  Students study and put into practice several innovative global leadership and management concepts and approaches that governments, NGOs and corporations are using to address global issues, while learning the strengths and limitations of each.

•    PA 542—Sustainable Development Implementation (3 credits)
Instructor: Dr. Phillip J. Cooper
This course focuses on the challenges involved in attempting to turn international commitments and policy promises into action.  Using examples from around the U.S. and the world, sustainable development policy implementation and operations are scrutinized in an effort to see what worked, what did not, and how implementation challenges can be addressed.  Challenges associated with sustainable development in post-conflict situations, following war, terrorism, or civil disorder are discussed.

Three Additional Courses Form a Student’s Sub-Specialization.
Students then choose three additional courses (9 credits) that complete a “sub-specialization.”  Courses may come from other departments or divisions in consultation with the student’s advisor.
•    Nongovernmental Organizations & International Development
•    Global Conflict Resolution & Consensus Development
•    Program and Project Management
•    International Public Health Administration
•    Human Rights & International Justice Administration
•    Global Natural Resource Management
•    International Development Management & Governance
•    International Financial Institutions Administration
•    Global Human Resource Development
•    Digital Governance in a Global Setting

MPA Skill Development Courses.
Students also align their three MPA skill development courses (9 credits) with their global interests.  Topics related to collaboration, conflict resolution, negotiation, cross-cultural communication, contracting out, and grants management give students the practical tools to lead in the public sector.

An International “Organizational Experience” is a Capstone to Globally Focused Studies.

Students in the Hatfield School’s global leadership and management specialization are encouraged to focus their Organizational Experience course (PA 509, 6 credits) on an international issue or topic that is personally significant.  Students may complete their PA 509 project abroad or locally while they work within an international or cross-border context.  The Global Collaborative Network ( also assists students in identifying and executing global organizational experiences.

International Study Exchanges.
The program also offers short-term (2-3 week) study exchange opportunities for students in Vietnam, Mexico, Japan, Canada and India. These exchanges are faculty-led and focus on issues of international development, environmental management, microfinance, and leadership development, which leverage Portland State University’s and the Hatfield School faculty’s extensive international community partnerships.

For more information, please contact:

Global Leadership & Management Specialization Core Faculty:
Professor Marcus D. Ingle, Lead    (503) 725-8202
Professor Phillip J. Cooper      (503) 725-8155
Professor Jack Corbett      (503) 725-8226
Professor Suzanne Feeney      (503) 725-8217
Professor Masami Nishishiba      (503) 725-5151

The Global Collaborative Network – Assistance for International Organizational Experiences

Internationally-Oriented Courses

Global Leadership & Management Specialization

Master of Public Administration
Fall 2009 through Spring 2010

Fall 2009Winter 2010Spring 2010
CorePA 514
Global Leadership
& Management
PA 542
PA 529
Oaxaca Field
(During September 
2009 break)
PA 510 / PAP 614
Contemporary Global
(For advanced students;
by permission of instructor) 
PA 510
Women's Development
& Microfinance
PA 549
Cross Cultural
PS 542
Contemporary Theories of
World Politics
PA 510
Managing Programs
and Projects: From Local to 
PS 554
Political Economy
PS 546
National & International
Security Policy
PS 547
PS 543
Resolving International

* Please note that this schedule is subject to change and does not represent all possible courses that will be offered or all the courses that can be approved for a student’s customized specialization. Students should check the online course directory at for the most up-to-date schedule available and speak to their advisor about building a specialization that suits their professional goals.

** As the global leadership and management specialization is multidisciplinary in nature, courses may come from outside the public administration division with advisor approval.