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The SLP Program at Portland State University is administered and taught by faculty and staff deeply committed to international student engagment. We welcome questions and comments regarding this program.

Kevin Kecskes
SLP Program Director & Public Administration Faculty

Kevin Kecskes, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Public Administration in the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. He teaches graduate courses in the Masters of Public Administration program on the global roles of NGO's and strategic planning, as well as undergraduate courses focused on community engagement. Dr. Kecskes serves as the faculty advisor for PSU's undergraduate minor in civic leadership. For over a decade, Dr. Kecskes provided university-wide leadership in various positions at PSU, including Associate Vice Provost for Engagement and Director for Community-University Partnerships at PSU's Center for Academic Excellence. Dr. Kecskes is on the editorial board of the Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education and has advised numerous colleges and university campuses in the United States and globally. His current international work focuses primarily on the Middle East and Latin America. Dr. Kecskes has learned first-hand for over three decades about the power of international exchange and open dialogue as a means to increase respect, understanding, and collaboration within and among diverse cultures. Dr. Kecskes holds degrees from Boston College, Harvard University, and Portland State University.

Barbara Tint
Conflict Resolution Faculty

Dr. Barbara Tint is a Professor of Conflict Resolution who specializes in intergroup dialogue and peacebuilding. She has worked extensively in the Middle East, South Asia, East Africa and Australia. Her work in peace and conflict resolution stems from her background in Political Psychology, where she has focused largely on the psychological dynamics involved in the causes, prevention and intervention of international conflict.  She conducts research, writes about and trains others in Dialogue and has just written a book on the use of Dialogue in Diaspora communities. This is Barbara's second year with the SLP program and she is excited about it because of her love for the region and her belief in youth leaders being our best hope to make the world a more peaceful and collaborative place.

Chris Carey
Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty

Christopher Carey, (PhD, The Arizona State University, 2008; JD, Southern Illinois University, 1995), is a former Deputy District Attorney and currently an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Academic Coordinator of the First Year Experience Program at Portland State University. His doctorate is from Arizona State University's Hugh Downs School of Human Communication where his focus was intercultural communication. His expertise extends to the application of international law with an emphasis on human trafficking and working with groups to improve collaboration within the field of human rights. He served as the Executive Director of a US based 501(c)3 international human rights organization that addresses human trafficking, safe migration, and gender-based violence through culturally grounded, rights-based solutions. During his tenure as executive director he helped open offices in Kathmandu, Nepal, Kolkata, India, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Mexico City, Mexico. He is the author of several articles on the subject of human trafficking both in the United States and Mexico. Dr. Carey has been identified as an expert in human trafficking and intercultural communication by the California Judicial System, where he has testified as an expert witness. He has also published and presented extensively on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. When not learning about the world from his two children Eli and Lilah, he can be found fly fishing the rivers and climbing the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Carol Gabrielli
SLP Coordinator

Carol Gabrielli brings 20+ years of experiential expertise to the SLP adventure. Carol has worked in private and public institutions as an educator, an administrator, and a facilitator.  Her rich history with community-based learning, experiential practice, and rigorous reflection has roots with the Devereux Foundation (1988-1994), Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest (1994 - 2002), Portland State University (2002 – present), and her private consulting practice cgworks (2012 - present). Carol and her partner live in a little purple house in NE Portland.

Laura Lyons
Program Associate

Laura Lyons is a graduate student of public administration at Portland State University. She received a Bachelor of Arts in cultural anthropology with minors in philosophy and psychology from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. She has also pursued educational experiences in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Cuba. From 2013-2015 she served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in The Gambia, working to increase the organizational capacity of a rural school, and building collaborative relationships for community education. Laura has experience as an educator in a variety of settings, from early-childhood to post-secondary institutions. She also has an abiding love of foreign languages, and enjoys meeting and learning with people from other cultures. 


PSU Student Leaders Program Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are an essential part of the Student Leaders Program at PSU. The RAs will live with students in the dorms and will be there to guide them, help build community, and are students' main allies throughout the program.


Ahmed El Mansouri

My name is Ahmed El Mansouri, and I am a Human Resources and Conflict Resolution Professional. I am a graduate student at Portland State University. I was born and raised in Egypt, and in 2004, I moved to the United States to pursue my master degree. When I became an American citizen in 2010, my intercultural identity and experience triggered my desire to build bridges and sustainable relationships amid Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Thereafter, I applied for the Conflict Resolution program at Portland State, and ever since, I have been repeating the transformative benefits of being able to understand and manage intercultural conflicts. My career objective is to have an integral role in educational and business projects that aim to bring diverse cultures together while utilizing my bilingualism, intercultural experience, and conflict resolution skills.

Haley Wells

My name is Haley. I am from a small town in Washington State and I am a junior at Portland State University (PSU). Portland is the first big city in which I have ever lived. At PSU I am majoring in both Arabic and international studies. I also have a minor in psychology. Growing up I played soccer and later in high school I ran cross-country. My first year of college at a university in New Mexico, I ran cross-country and threw javelin for the track and field team. My favorite U.S. professional athletic teams are the Seattle Sounders (men's soccer) and the Seattle Seahawks (American football). As a result, my favorite colors are blue and green. After I graduate from PSU I would like to get my master's degree in Arabic at a school on the east coast of the United States and travel to the Middle East-near you! This is my first experience with the MEPI Student Leaders Program and I am very excited to be a part of it this summer!

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