PAP Doctoral Dissertations

Total Quality Management:  The Case for the Public Sector; a Comparative Study of the Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Three Health Care Organizations — Mohammed Abu Zayed Qoud

Building on the Strengths of Indigenous Knowledge to Promote Sustainable Development in Crisis Conditions from the Community Level: The Case of Palestine - Jehad Alayasa

The Role and Performance of Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations in Family Planning Implementation: Jordan as a Case Study — Khalaf Al Haddad

The Policy Role of the Senior Civil Servants in The Government of Yemen — Khalid Al Akwaa

Analyzing the Effect of Flexible Working Hours on Organization Performance and Employee Welfare:  The Saudi Aramco Experience — Mohammed Al Bishi

Teenage Intimate Partner Violence: An Exploratory Study — Clarice Bailey

Oregon Primary Care Physicians' Support for Health Care Reform — Timothy Baker

Civic Infrastructure, Organizational Civic Capacity and Service Learning: A Community Capacity-Building Model —Margaret Banyan

Implementation of the Direct Supervision Jail Management Program: A Study of the Multnomah County Detention Center and the Inverness Jail — Bruce Bikle

The Impact of Collective Bargaining on the Civil Service Merit System in Oregon — David Blanchard

Attaining a Sustainable Future for Public Higher Education: The Role of Institutional Effectiveness and Resource Dependence — Mirela Blekic

Women’s Actions and Reactions to Male Migration: A Case Study of Women in San Juan Guelavia, Oaxaca, Mexico - Julie Boyles

Empirical Investigation of the Intrinsic Reward Preferences of Washington County Oregon Employees — Leonard Bright

The Value of Independence in Old Age — Paula Carder

The Institutionalization of Diversity and Gender Equity Norms and Values in Higher Education Settings — Rowanna Carpenter

Elderly Migration and Risk Factors of the Grey Gold or Grey Peril — Leland Coxe

Media Technology Use Among Native American Teens and Young Adults: Evaluating Its Utility for Designing Culturally-Appropriate Sexual Health Interventions Targeting Native American Youth in the Pacific Northwest —Stephanie Craig-Rushing

Organizational Complexity in American Local Governance: Deploying an Organizational Perspective in Concept and Analytic Framework Department — Charles Crumpton

A New Approach to Explain Policy Reforms in Vietnam during Doi Moi by Developing and Validating a Major Policy Change for Vietnam — Huan Dang

Presidential Values: Implications for Foreign Policy — Jordan Durbin

Nurse Practitioners' and Physicians' Perceptions of Intraorganizational Factors Affecting Collaborative Comanaged Primary Care — Kathleen Errico

Scenery as Policy:  Public Involvement in Developing a Management Plan for the Scenic Resources of the Columbia River Gorge — Gordon Euler

Reorganizing the Oregon Department of Human Services: An Exploratory Case Study of Organizational Change —Charles Gallia

Portrayals of Disability in the Professional Preparation of Speech-Language Pathologists — Jane Eric Gravel

The Challenging Paradigm of Emergency Management: Improving Professional Development for the Emergency Manager — Robert Grist

A Dynamic Programming Model for Constrained Optimal Water Impact Fees, Volume Charges, and Capacity Expansion — Jianhua Guo

Multi-Level Environmental Governance: A Comparative Case Study of Five Large Scale Natural Resource Management Programs — Shpressa Halimi

Oregon Physicians' Perception of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Use of Enforcement Discretion Related to the Use of Opiods in the Treatment of Chronic Pain — Dale Harrison

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Physician Assistants — Roderick Hooker

A Case Study of the Acceptance of the Tacoma-Pierce County Needle Exchange Program by Three Diverse Groups:  Law Enforcement Personnel, Health Department Officials, Program Clients (i.e., Intravenous Drug Users)  — Lauren Ibrahim

An empirical assessment of job satisfaction and voluntary employee turnover of Saudi Arabian middle level civil servants — Sami Ibrahim

Impact of the Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965 on Health Sciences Libraries in the Pacific Northwest:  An Interorganizational Approach — Leonoor Ingraham-Swets

American Indian Elderly and Long-Term Care: Interorganizational Barriers to the Use of Oregon’s Home and Community-based Medicaid Waiver — Jo Isgrigg

Power, Knowledge, Animals Power, Knowledge, Animals - Lisa Johnson

Police Organizations: An Empirical Examination of America Sheriff's Offices and Municipal Police Agencies —Matthew Jones

Portraits in Resiliency — Gregory Kammann

Measuring Community-Engaged Departments: A Study to Develop an Effective Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Community Engagement in Academic Departments — Kevin Kecskes

An Analysis of the Anticipated Effects of Budgetary Reform at Portland State University — Jay Kenton

Creating a Theoretical Framework for Understanding Homeland Security Using Multiple Frame Analysis — Linda Kiltz

State Funding for Special Education in Oregon:  Calculating Cost Differentials of Special Education for Handicapped Students in Oregon School Districts — Kyung Kim

Emerging Governance at the Edge of Constrained Federalism: Public Administrators at the Frontier of Democracy —Gary Larsen

George Lakoff's Theory of Worldview: A Case Study of the Oregon Legislature — Catherine Law

City Management Theory and Practice: A Foundation for Educating the Next Generation of Local Government Administrators — Scott Lazenby

An Analysis of Employee Responses to a Health Care Merger:  Implications for Human Resource Planning — Gregory Lee

Administrative Reform in China:  Its Impact on Economic Development after Mao — Meira Liu

Women’s Social Citizenship in the Welfare State — Vicky Lovell

Who Benefits? A Multilevel Analysis of the Impact of Oregon's Volunteer Mentor Program for Postsecondary Access on Scholarship Applicants — Alisha Lund-Chaix

Global Civil Society: Finding Collective Voice in Diversity — Kristin Magis

Organizational Change in Corrections Organizations: The Effect of Probation and Parole Officer Culture on Change in Community Corrections — Shea Marshman

Portland's Multifamily Recycling Program:  A Study of Coproduction Policy Implementation and Citizen Involvement — William Messer

Governance in the United States Columbia River Basin: An Historical Analysis — Eric Mogren

Performance Appraisal in Organizational Cultural Context — Unoda Moyo

The Institutional Context of Natural Resources Management:  A Case Study of Salmon Fisheries Management in the Columbia River Basin — Nancy Mundy

The Interactions Between Carbon Regulation and Renewable Energy Policies in the United Kingdom — Hal Nelson

Continuous Detection and Treatment of Depression in a Large HMO — Greg Nichols

Assessing the Impact of a Diversity Initiative in Local Government — Masami Nishishiba

Examining Community Engaged Scholarship in Public Administration — Katrina Norvell

Information Technology Training in the Public Sector: Essential Planning Elements — Elizabeth Reynolds

The Effects of Mentoring on Work-parenting Gains and STrains in a Sample of Employed Predominately Female AFDC Recipients — Charlene Rhyne

The Effects of Parent Care and Child Care Role Quality on Work Outcomes among Dual-Earner Couples in the Sandwiched Generation — Angela Rickard

The Contribution of Social Trust and Reliance to Administrative Process — Kent Robinson

A Qualitative Inquiry into a Maturing Field of Organization Development: Godparents and Gurus on Potential Professionalization — Beryl Robison

Cultivating Promises: Incorporating Human Development and Governance in U.S. Foreign Drug Policy — Erin Saunders-Rath

Lost in Translation: Ideas of Population Health Determinants in The American Policy Arena — Maria Sistrom

The Impact of Organizational Climate on the Relationship Between Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction:  An Empirical Assessment of Public Sector Managers — Unsuk Song

Representation Without Taxation: China's Rural Development Initiatives for a New Millennium — Minzi Su

The Sustainability of Federations: A Case Study of The Federation for Children and Youth — Joseph Suggs

Media Framing of the Social Security Privatization Debate (1993-2004) — Brenda Sulick

How Organizational Arrangements Affect High Reliability in Public Research Universities: Perceptions of Environmental Health and Safety Directors — Rita Sumner

Challenging the New Penology: A Case-Study Analysis of Correctional Management, Interstate Inmate Transfers, and Administrative Intent — Robert Swan

Patient Satisfaction in a Changing HMO Environment — Vivian Tong

From Prison to Community: The Role of Citizen Participation in Female Prison Reentry — Dana Torrey

The Impact of Enterprise Zones on Employment — Terry VanAllen

A Comparative Case Study of Employee Work Stations — Richard VanOrden

Capital Flows, Institutions and Economic Development - Ayesha Umar Wahedi

Network Analysis of a Shared Governance System — Debra Whitall

State Policy and Public Administration Impacts on an Emerging Industry:  The Wine Industry in Oregon and Washington — Anthony White

The Washington State Patrol, Accountability-Driven Leadership, and The Organizational Factors That Propelled Their Success: An Organizational Analysis — Timothy Winchell

Motivation in the Workplace: An Examination of Psychological Empowerment of Police Officers in Oregon — Steven Winegar