Community Service

Completed Engagements

Lynette F. Feder

A Systematic Review of Court-Mandated Interventions for Individuals Convicted of Domestic Violence" conducted for the Smith-Richardson Foundation. Completed May 2003. The project was aimed at providing direct feedback for the systematic reviews being formulated for the Campbell Collaboration.

"Inventory of Services and Review of Literature for Best Practices for Early Childhood Development Community Collaboration Prevention Project" conducted for the Methodist-LeBonheur Foundation. Completed 2002.Conducted a literature review on best practices and programs for at-risk children and their caregivers leading to a proposal for a broad-based multifaceted prevention program for all Memphis first-born children.

"An Evaluation of the Truancy Assessment Center" conducted for the Memphis City School Board. My involvement ended in 2002. Assisted in developing and implementing a multi-agency database for the Truancy Assessment Center (TAC).

"Domestic Violence and Community Policing: Training and Workshop" conducted for the US Attorney/Western District Department of Justice. Completed 2000. Through a partnership between the Memphis Police Department and the University of Memphis, the workshop sought to develop new and innovative approaches for using community policing to address domestic violence.

"A Test of the Efficacy of Court-Mandated Counseling for Domestic Violence Offenders: A Broward County Experiment" conducted for the National Institute of Justice and Broward County Courthouse. Completed 1998. Study used an experimental design to test the effectiveness of court-mandated counseling for men convicted of domestic violence and placed on probation.

Mel Gurtov

President and board member, NW China Council (1996). Leadership of the principal membership organization in Portland devoted to Chinese affairs.

Op-ed articles for The Oregonian. About a dozen pieces on foreign policy issues.

Organization of 5 international conferences on Asia at PSU while Director of International Studies.

Kris R. Henning

Project Safe Neighborhoods: Conducted research for the local U.S. Attorney on gun-related crimes in Portland metro area.

Portland Police Bureau (Domestic Violence Reduction Unit): Data analysis and development of a case screening protocol. Multnomah County Domestic Violence Council (Project DVERT): Developed case tracking database. Memphis Domestic Violence Assessment Center: Proposed, developed, and obtained funding for a centralized assessment center to conduct court-ordered evaluations for offenders on probation in Shelby County, TN.Lane County Domestic Violence Council: Worked with council to develop a risk assessment measure for domestic violence offenders. Psychological Service Center (Pacific University): Created and implemented clinical database.

Clackamas County Probation and Parole: Conducted analyses for P&P regarding their use of risk assessment measures.

Marcus D. Ingle

Director for the USAID "Regional Infrastructure Project in Water and Transport" in Budapest, Hungary from 2000 to 2002.

Co-editor of the "Project Management Toolkit" which is includes 54 tools for infrastructure project managers published by USAID and Booz Allen Hamilton based on work in South East Europe.

Team Leader of the 2 year Institutional Improvement project for the Vietnam Roads Authority (VRA)in Hanoi financed through the Asian Development Bank.

Director of the International Development Management Center (IDMC) at the University of Maryland, College Park, for 10 years. The Center provided technical assistance, conducted research and provided educational programs in the areas of development management, sustainability, and biotechnology internationally.

Consultant and senior training specialist for the World Bank Institute on the design of quality project investments in Washington D.C. and ten regional sites.

Annette I. Jolin

1992-present - Volunteer Instructor, WICS Lifeskills Program in Partnership with Columbia River Correctional Institution, WICS/Kellogg Foundation Program for Women Inmates. Provide Program Component on Perspectives on Victimization.

2003-present - Member of the Board (PatronatsKomitee) Zentrum fuer Konfliktgestaltung. Zug. Switzerland. Provide U.S. research findings pertaining to institute agenda issues.

2000-present - Member of the Board, Women in Community Service Alliance. Assist with program development and evaluation.

1996-present - Member of the Board, Community-based ex-offender program "Better People." Assist with program funding and evaluation.

Douglas F. Morgan

FIPSE Civic Engagement Project, 3-year $320,000 grant from the Department of Education, ending in 2003. The purpose of the grant was to develop a civic engagement curriculum.

Chair, Public Utility Review Board, City of Portland,1994-2001.

Member, Editorial Board, Administrative Theory and Praxis, 1994-present. Member. Editorial Board, Sage/PATN Series, 1994-present.

Chair, Budget Advisory Committee. City of Portland Water Bureau. 1989-1994.

President, Oregon Chapter, American Society of Public Administration, 1989-1990.

Masami Nishishiba

Department of Community Justice, Multnomah County, March 2003, Evaluation of their diversity initiative.

Latino Network, August 2003, developing evaluation tool for the grass-roots leadership training.

Washington County, March 2000, developing benchmark for diversity initiative (Senior Capstone course)

Southeast Uplift, November 2001, Participate in developing needs analysis, focus group discussions

Brian C. Renauer

Project Coordinator for Police Community Interaction Project (PCIP), National Institute of Justice (US DOJ), 2002, developed measure of police contributions to neighborhood community building.

Principal Investigator for Community Prosecution in Clackamas County, Clackamas County District Attorney Office, 2003, conducted surveys of the Overland Park neighborhood.

Melody Rose

Model Presidential Nominating Convention 2000,Beaverton School District, April 2000. PSU Coordinator.

Vote by Mail Symposium at the Oregon Historical Society. November 8 & 9, 2003. I was the local coordinator of this symposium, which brought together the state's elections officials, elected officials, campaign managers, pollsters, and academics for an assessment of the impact of vote by mail on democratic practices.

Classroom Law Project: Member of the Board, and Scholar in Residence for the western states. CLP offers civic education projects for youth and their teachers.

NEW Leadership New Jersey: Participant in the June2003 residential program.

Program trains college women to become political leaders.

League of Women Voters- Voters' Guide. Wrote position statement for Oregon's initiative on vote by mail.

Current Engagements

Scott Cunningham

Co-principal investigator on an Elder Abuse Project taking place with a local district attorney's office. Goal is to improve prosecution of crimes against the elderly.

Consultant on a collaborative research partnership between the University at Albany and two juvenile treatment facilities located in NE United States. Goal is to increase learning capacity in the agencies.

Lynette F. Feder

"A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Court-Mandated Programs for Men Convicted of Domestic Violence" conducted for the Campbell Collaboration. On-going since 2002. Using only the most rigorous studies, the research will conduct a meta-analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of court-mandated batterer intervention programs.

"Evaluation of the Elder Abuse Prosecution Program" conducted for the Multnomah District Attorney's Office. Ongoing since July 2002. The project measures the impact of the Elder Abuse Prevention Project through evaluation of the effectiveness of the training program as well as developing a database so as to better measure changes in the handling of these cases.

Mel Gurtov

"What Works?" A video project that focuses on individuals and groups that are making a positive contribution, here and abroad, to a more equitable, secure world. Ongoing effort to raise funds and design the video series.

Kris R. Henning

Portland State University Campus Public Safety: Developing comprehensive incident-based reporting system for criminal and noncriminal events and accompanying database that allows for field reporting.

Marcus D. Ingle

Co-Director of Hatfield School of Government project with USAID to restore a canal in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam using the Community Based Environmental Management (CBEM) approach.

Director of the Public Administration Division's Global Area of Specialization within the Masters Degree program. Responsibilities include guiding students, developing and teaching globally oriented leadership and management courses, and publishing.

Manager of collaborative relationship with Washington County, Oregon, to develop the Kutai Regency in Indonesia into a High Performance Local Government.

Annette I. Jolin

Program evaluation of Women in Community Service-Lifeskills Program at Coffee Creek Correctional Institution for women.

Examining the efficacy of enhanced police responses to intimate partner violence.

Work with Portland Housing Authority on research project assessing the empirical relationship between criminal history and tenancy.

Douglas F. Morgan

Elected Director, Portland Public School Board, 4year term beginning July 2003

Latino Network Project, two year $100,000 grant from PSU ending in 2003. The purpose of the grant is to facilitate the creation of a Latino Network in Multnomah County and capture "the lessons learned".

Indonesia public service training program, a collaborative effort with Washington County to create a leadership development program for Indonesian local government officials.

Masami Nishishiba

"Japanese Municipal Officer's Mid-Career Training Program" funded by Tokyo Foundation. Joint training program with Waseda University Japan.

Current_Community_Engagement_2: Developing evaluation plans in preparation for the establishment of "Regional Economic Crime Investigation Center"

Brian C. Renauer

Principal Investigator for Project Safe Neighborhoods Portland Site, US Department of Justice, provide evaluation of gun reduction efforts in Multnomah County.

Principal Investigator Evaluation of Lents/Brentwood Darlington Weed and Seed, US Department of Justice, surveys of the Lents/Brentwood neighborhood and analysis of crime stats.

Melody Rose

Model Presidential Nominating Convention. Beaverton School District, March 10 - 12, 2004. This project trains 3,000 high school and middle school kids to simulate a presidential nominating convention. PSU Coordinator.

Oregon Central Voter Registration symposium for academics. Coordinator. Jan. 23, 2004. This half-day conference brings the state's elections scholars together with the Secretary of State's office to collaborate on the implementation of the state's new voter registration system.

Oregon Historical Association. I will be the moderator for a panel discussion among some of Oregon's finest political women: Vera Katz, Gretchen Kafoury, Betty Roberts, and Norma Paulus. March 18, 2004 at the OHS.

Ronald L. Tammen

City of Portland Disaster Mitigation Planning Committee. Chair

Hatfield School-Beijing Normal University Joint Project. Co-Chair

Critical Decisions Institute. President, Board of Directors