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Chris Chambers

Chris Chambers, Treasurer

Chris Chambers is an MPA student specializing in Natural Resources.  While earning a bachelor’s degree in History at Oregon State, he lived in China, teaching English and witnessing poverty and environmental degradation first hand.  And after seeing melted glaciers juxtaposed with highway building on the Tibetan Plateau; witnessing deforested hilltops run the river brown with erosion in the Yangze; watching people rush indoors from the first drops of acid rain in Beijing; and searching the daily smog for a glimpse of the Sun, he appreciates the policy tradeoffs between development and conserving natural resources.

Unfortunately, the conservation of natural resources is a luxury the undeveloped world does not have and the developed world seems reticent to enjoy.  Chris hopes to make an end-run around these policy obstacles by identifying how government energy policy can best accelerate technological innovation—especially through reform in electricity markets (decoupling, equitable dynamic pricing) and investment in smart grid (demand response, electric vehicles, and renewable technology)—to decarbonize the global economy.  He would also like to bring the 1 billion people currently living without reliable access to electricity online at the same time.

In his free time he reads about neuroscience and carbon markets, which makes him a hit at parties, runs, and quests to make the perfect poached egg.