Ayesha Umar Wahedi

Adjunct Assistant Professor









Ph.D., Portland State University
M.S., Oregon State University
B.A. & B.S., Kinnaird College

Ayesha Umar Wahedi is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science. She teaches courses in Multinational Corporations in World Politics, Political and Economic Reform in Emerging Markets and International Political Economy. She received her M.S. in Economics from Oregon State University, a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics from Kinnaird College, Pakistan. Ms. Wahedi's research interests include: international political economy, economic development, multinational corporations and foreign investment, international finance, and power transition theory. She is coauthor of "Will Foreign Aid Help Curb Terrorism in Pakistan?" in a forthcoming book, The Performance of Governments. Her dissertation explores what kinds of capital flows foster economic development, given the developmental level and the institutional capacity of a country.